Check out this video about New and expensive furniture.

I use to have large shop with few workers, and we had many many requests to do warranty work all over for many many furniture stores. And I was getting tired of doing it becouse many times the furniture just was not worth my time.

Im semi retired now and I don't have workers any more ,I also don't do any warranty work any more 

more of latest projects

an older lazy boy


still working like a charm

Out with the old


Customer had a very good sofa with solid frame but they were tired of the antique look and tufting , next picture shows the same sofa modernised

In with the new


absolutely fantastic frame on this old sofa , and thats all there is left from the old, It was much more economic to streamline the sofa and fit the customers budget better.

Fun little bar stools


Add a little colour to your life with small changes

Old chair , new as ever


Some of the old chairs sitting in the shed somewhere are the best furniture you can have 

When you do what you love it does not feel like work at all


I only work part time , and take on limited number of jobs , to keep things fun and light.